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Has provided concrete and masonry products for numerous construction projects. TechniCON will meet and exceed your specialized concrete needs by operating a portable, dedicated  concrete plant right at your job site, anywhere in the nation.

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We Build Custom Tennis Courts.  Whether it’s Outdoor or Indoor.


We Build Custom Tennis Courts

Our team of experts has decades of experience and we bring you the most up to date options for all court users. Technicon also specializes in converting and enhancing existing tennis courts into multisport courts (such as tennis and basketball in one) so space is better utilized for players of all ages at home, at school or at the local community center or park.


Post-tensioned concrete courts earn the trophy for durability, playability, and long-term value. Benefits over asphalt include:

  • Increased resistance to crack development
  • Increased resistance to settling or heaving
  • A more controlled slope for better drainage
  • A more uniform playing surface
  • Elimination of control joints
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Longer service life

What gives concrete the competitive edge? Concrete play courts are more durable, low maintenance, and crack resistant. Munson specializes in post-tensioned concrete and other types of play courts, and has won national and state awards for its concrete tennis court installations.

“The biggest drawback of asphalt courts is not that they crack, for even a post-tensioned slab may crack from shrinkage or even develop minor structural cracking, but that the cracks continue to widen year after year”

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