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Has provided concrete and masonry products for numerous construction projects. TechniCON will meet and exceed your specialized concrete needs by operating a portable, dedicated  concrete plant right at your job site, anywhere in the nation.

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Concrete Curb Machines are industrial scale pieces of equipment that are designed to pour concrete in special shapes to quickly create concrete objects such as curbs, gutters, barrier walls, sidewalks, ditches and more.


What is a concrete curb machine?

Concrete Curb Machines are industrial scale pieces of equipment that are designed to pour concrete in special shapes to quickly create concrete objects such as curbs, gutters, barrier walls, sidewalks, ditches and more.

Power Curbers is the industry leader in slipform concrete curb and gutter machines. Our compact, nimble machines get your curbing jobs done faster and more efficiently – even in tight spots.

What are common uses for concrete curbing machines?

Concrete curb machines from Power Curbers are used to quickly complete a huge variety of paving jobs, such as:

CURB & GUTTER: The 5700-C can handle any curb application with ease. Stand-up curb, also known as header curb or ribbon curb, is common for parking lot islands. Curb & gutter is often used in residential jobs, such as subdivisions. Mold options, such as blockouts and driveway knives, can be added to make your curb jobs even easier.

TIGHT RADIUS: With the 5700-C, you can pour a radius as tight as 2’ (610 mm), making it ideal for parking lot islands. You can eliminate days of hand labor in large retail parking lots by learning to pour even the narrowest of islands with your machine.

SIDEWALK: The 5700-C can pour sidewalk or monolithic sidewalk with curb up to 7’ (2.1 m) wide in the offset position. By equipping the machine with optional trimmer extensions, you can trim the width needed to clear the way for a sidewalk pour. The adjustable offset allows you to pour sidewalk behind existing curb or over planter strips. Optional detachable side plates allow for pouring sidewalk adjacent to existing curb.

BARRIER/PARAPET/VARIABLE BARRIER: Variable barrier molds can have up to 24” (610 mm) of variability to help on barrier jobs where the area between lanes is not even on both sides.

CABLE BARRIER / NO-MOW STRIPS: On some highways, cable barrier is used as an alternative to concrete barrier wall. In these situations, the 5700-C can be used to pour a “no-mow” strip to reduce vegetation maintenance under cable-style barriers. Before paving the no-mow strip, the optional post-hole digger attachment allows you to quickly and accurately bore holes for cable barrier anchor posts. Then, the concrete strip can be poured over the holes and the post sleeves inserted into the wet concrete.

SLOT DRAIN: Slotted drains can be used to help drain water from roadways. In this unique application, an inflated polymer-based tube is fed into the front of a slot drain mold, custom-built with a slot from the gutter pan to the cavity created by the tube. The concrete is slipformed around the tube and allowed to cure. The tube is then deflated and pulled from the concrete, leaving a hidden drainage channel.

CENTER POUR: The 5700-C can be used as a center-pour paver for golf cart or bicycle path paving. Using inserts, the right rear crawler post is extended to allow a paving mold to be installed under the machine to pour widths up to 10’ (3 m). Hydraulically adjustable side plates allow the paving depth to vary up to 12” (305 mm) thick.

DITCHES: Concrete-lined ditches can be used for water control and drainage. V-ditches and U-ditches can be poured with the 5700-C, saving time and labor. Because the trimmer cannot be used in most ditch applications, preparation of the grade and profile in front of the machine is critical for good results and to avoid wasted concrete. The 5700-C can pour ditches up to 7’ (2.2 m) wide and 2’ (610 mm” deep in the offset position.

CANALS: The size and versatility of the 5700-C makes large multi-pass canal projects possible. Massive molds and long conveyors can be specifically designed to meet the requirements of even the most complex canal projects.

STADIUMS: The 5700 series of machines have been used to pour concrete stadium risers, including stadiums used for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Typically, custom molds encompass two risers in one pass. Beginning at the bottom of the stadium, the risers are poured and the machine works its way up, running on the risers poured the previous day. This method has been used to pour risers for baseball, football, and soccer stadiums around the world.

AGRICULTURE: From livestock feed troughs to poultry house foundations, the 5700-C can be used on a variety of agricultural applications. Flush lanes in cattle barns make the entire operation more efficient.

TUNNELS: Tunnel jobs offer the perfect opportunity to use a 5700-C, such as for rail beds, walls, and walkways. Unique profiles such as utility channels can be poured along the walls. Tunnel molds often need to be built to be adjustable in height and width to handle variances in the tunnel structure.

HIGH-SPEED RAIL: The 5700-C can be used in rail projects for slipforming utility channels for the installation of electrical lines and other utilities.

DAMS: The 5700-C can be used in roller-compacted concrete (RCC) dam construction. The sides of each layer of the dam are slipformed with the 5700-C, and then the RCC is installed in between. As each layer cures, the machine is moved on top to pour the next layer

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