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Has provided concrete and masonry products for numerous construction projects. TechniCON will meet and exceed your specialized concrete needs by operating a portable, dedicated  concrete plant right at your job site, anywhere in the nation.

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A construction project is best served with a dedicated, on-site concrete plant. TechniCON provides a large line of top-quality mixes along with the latest technology, modern equipment and superior customer service.


Mobile Jobsite Concrete Service.

  • The Cemco Model 275 batch plant, available with 2, 3, or 4 aggregate bins, is totally self-contained. It needs no outside power source.
  • The Cemco 275 is self-erecting; eliminating the need for cranes, a substantial savings in set-up costs. Speed and ease of set-up and tear-down are a plus.
  • The entire plant is compact and has a small footprint when set-up. The 275 batch plant pulls in one unit that is a complete operating batch plant.
  • No outside power source is needed.
  • Set up does not require a concrete or steel foundation

The Fast-Way mobile concrete batch plant has many features.This aggregate Fast-Way batch plant can be ready to produce concrete minutes after it reaches the job site!. This mobile plant has all-rubber belt including the side wall and flights. This enables materials to be conveyed faster and quieter and eliminates spill-over from the conveyor belt. Using this mobile concrete batching plant, we are able to achieve extremely accurate results thanks to it’s electronic scale system.


In a Port-A-Pour is an economical way for Ready Mix Suppliers to increase their output capacity without having to invest in additional mixer trucks. The Port-A-Pour features a low profile design and portability. This unique combination allows quick set up at any project. Typically, when a project has limited space a mobile batch plant seems out of the question.  Our solution for these projects is the Port-a-Pour, as it can easily be mobilized for tighter spaces.


Why is fresh concrete mixed at the job site a superior product? There is no need to add water to an old mix that was made at an off-site batch plant and transported by a ready-mix truck to the job site. This allows for the maximum finishing time and the best quality end product.

Chemical reactions between water and compounds in cement begins immediately after the mixing of the ingredients. When ready-mix concrete is mixed at an off-site batch plant the concrete materials have already started the curing process during the travel time, minimizing the available finishing time. and In many cases, if a truck is detained or late water needs to be added at the jobsite, which reduces the strength of the end product. Concrete produced on-site will always produce the freshest, strongest end product for each and every project.

TechniCON’s array of mobile batch plants provide onsite production and precise quality control of concrete for projects requiring high production rates as well as those in remote areas.

Depending on the size, location, and production rates required for the project, we can provide central and transit mixing solutions. Our fleet of transit mixers includes both front and rear discharge units. We can produce up to 250-cubic-yards per hour, enabling us to service large-scale projects with ease.

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